KEXP Live Video: Line & Circle at CMJ

The fine folks at KEXP have posted the video from our live session last month at CMJ in New York City. 

Check out the post HERE, or read an excerpt and watch two videos below:

Line & Circle are a dream pop band who’ve come onto the national scene this year from LA. This five-piece started with the songwriting duo of Brian J. Cohen and Brian Egan — both from Akron and Dayton, Ohio, respectively — who met in college before moving from the midwest to Los Angeles. They come out of a tradition of synth and chiming-guitar pop bands like early R.E.M., The Church, or The Feelies — and the reminders of those groups are a strength, not any indication of lack of originality. White Iris Records picked up the band and released a 7″ Roman Ruins (A)/Carelessness (B) in July this year. The songwriting is assured and their performance at CMJ for KEXP’s broadcast was high-energy and transcendent. Brian J Cohen’s voice yearns over top of postmodern and majestic layers of guitar and synth slipping in and around each other. A couple of weeks ago, they released a video for “Roman Ruins,” which follows a group of young 20-somethings blithely road-tripping up the California coast to San Francisco — very apt for the band’s nostalgically earnest landscape. Line & Circle will bring their melodic dream-pop to Seattle on November 27th at the Showbox. Check out the videos below if you want a preview of what should be a great show, and be sure to watch the full performance video, which also features two excellent untitled tracks.”

KEXP at CMJ 2012, Day 3: Line & Circle

A million thanks to the incredible folks @kexp for making our live session @cmj last week so memorable. Check out a recap of the performance below, and read the whole article HERE. 

Line & Circle  have had a busy week! Touted as the next best thing from Los Angeles their infectious sound will definitely leave an impression. The vocals and lyrics of Brian J Cohen are rich and warbling. The combination of these two elements makes Line & Circle out to be an Americana post-punk mashup, like Modern English written for aimless drives through midwestern countryside. So far, they’ve got one single to their name, “Roman Ruins” and the b-side “Carelessness” both are available via White Iris (stream them here).

This year’s CMJ Music Marathon @ Union Square Ballroom during KEXP’s live broadcast is coming to a close but not slowing down-at least not if Line & Circle have anything to do with it. Eager to play for the audience that braved the rainy weather to get out early they ripped through a set of “Discontents”, “Roman Ruins” and introduced listeners to a new song,”Mine is Mine.” Lead singer Brian J Cohen originally hails from Akron, Ohio and his midwestern-hometown vibe radiates with a warmth that has gained them comparisons from everyone from Athen’s R.E.M to New York’s The National. The ease with which Brian Egan (keys), Eric Neujahr (guitar), Nathan Gammill (bass guitar) and Nick Cisik (drums) come together makes their songs even stronger. Make sure to catch them as they head out from their shows this week and continue on their takeover of North America and continue to attract new listeners with each unveiling of their upcoming debut release.

photos by Lauren Slusher and Ben Mobley

KEXP Fall 2012 Music That Matters Podcast

The fine folks @kexp have included us in their Fall 2012 Music That Matters Podcast. Some great tunes in there. Download it HERE, and check out the tracklist below (released 09/07/12). Special thanks to @loserboy for the deeply kind words.

Morning show host John Richards presents your music guide to Fall 2012, featuring new sounds from Line & Circle, Fang Island, and Hounds of the Wild Hunt.

1. Line & Circle - Roman Ruins
2. Books on Tape - Memory
3. Tilbury - Tenderloin
4. Poolside - Take Me Home
5. Sundress - Calfornia Dreams
6. Admiral Fallow - Guests of the Government
7. Fang Island - Sisterly
8. Milkmade - Summertime
9. Hounds of the Wild Hunt - Crooked
10. Blonds - Time
11. Song Sparrow Research - As the Clouds Drift By
12. Redd Kross - Stay Away From Downtown

"Roman Ruins" is KEXP’s Song of the Day

KEXP is featuring our single “Roman Ruins” as the Song of the Day today! Download FREE on the KEXP blog. Here is an excerpt:

Line & Circle is an unlikely L.A. band, formed originally by Brian J. Cohen & Brian Egan, friends and bandmates who actually met at college in the Midwest before making the move out California. It seems the fresh air and cool waves are a good match with their throwback anthemic rock that harkens back to another time. Their early demos caught the ear of White Iris and Lewis Pesacov, who previously produced debut albums for Best Coast and Nikki Lane. They took to the studio, along with a newly formed band, including guitarist Eric Neujahr, bassist Nathan Gammill and drummer Nick Cisik. The result is their brand new 7-inch single “Roman Ruins”. Recorded live, “Roman Ruins” (side A) and “Carelessness” (side B) are nostalgic reminders of great music from our youth.”